Braddock Dogs has now collected $10,115.98 in donations! We will be submitting an application for the Mastenbrook Grant shortly, which will match up to $10,000 of our donations. Now that we have reached this milestone, we can request the full matching amount, but we'd like to raise an additional $5,000. Please help!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Braddock Dogs Meeting, 7:30pm on Thurs, June 26th @ City of Fairfax Library, Rm 214

Hello Braddock Dogs Supporters,
The next meeting will be held on June 26th at the City of Fairfax Library, Conference Room 214 (left at the top of the stairs and follow the balcony bannister to the end)
- Sign up to sell water, soda, and ice cream at Braddock Nights (every Friday starting June 27th)
- Sign up to MC at Braddock Nights
- Hold elections to the Board of Directors (all positions)
- Revisit meeting frequency, date, and time
Elections. All positions are open and we need your help! Here's a run down on what each role requires:
  • President: create the agenda for Braddock Dogs meetings and represent Braddock Dogs at FCPA meetings as needed ( maybe once or twice a year)
  • Vice President: attend Braddock Dogs meetings,vote on association decisions, assist the President if needed, and coordinate a meeting room at the library
  • Treasurer: attend Braddock Dogs meetings, vote on association decisions, and periodically communicate with the Fairfax County Park Foundation to report on funds raised
  • Secretary: attend Braddock Dogs meetings, vote on association decisions, and prepare meeting notes for dissemination
  • Member at Large: attend Braddock Dogs meetings and vote on association decisions, prepare a regular short e-mail newsletter of upcoming dog and family friendly events in the community
We need volunteers to run who give less than two of your time a month to support this effort. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Erin Mays
Braddock Dogs Association, President

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Braddock Dogs Meeting this Thursday!

Hello Braddock Dogs Supporters,
Spring is just around the corner! We will meet this Thursday at 5340 Gainsborough Dr, Fairfax, VA at 7:30pm to discuss the following:
- Summer fundraising activities, to include Braddock Nights 2014: we need an event coordinator
- Elections for the Braddock Dogs Association Board of Directors: these are coming up in June, so if you're not already, please consider getting involved by running for a position
We hope you can make it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Update on the Monticello Park Off-Leash Dog Area (OLDA) and Events

Hello Braddock Dogs Members,
I want to thank you all for your diligent support! Braddock Dogs has now collected $10,115.98 in donations! We will be submitting an application for the Mastenbrook Grant shortly, which will match up to $10,000 of our donations. Now that we have reached this milestone, we can request the full matching amount.
What happens next:
We hope that Braddock Dogs will receive the full amount requested from the grant. Once we hear back about the grant, we will request to speak in front of the Park Authority Board of Directors. Monticello Park is not scheduled to recieve bond money for development of the park until 2016. We plan to request an interim use permit that would allow us to put up a fence so the off-leash dog area is usable before 2016. There is precedent for allowing interim use, but it will still help to have a show of numbers present, to demonstrate support for the permit. In the meantime, we will need to raise another $5,000 to meet the rest of our sponsor obligation by 2016.
Please stay tuned for details about the grant and the date we hope to brief the Park Authority Board. We appreciate everything you have done.
I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of a sad event. Our neighbor Russ Rosen passed away in late December. For those of you who did not know him, Russ was the initial driving force behind the Monticello OLDA back in 2007. It was Russ who first got a group of neighbors together to approach the Park Authority about this project, and he worked diligently with several other members to get it approved for development. His effort on this project is greatly appreciated by all of us and he will be missed. Please keep the Rosen family in your thoughts.
Erin Mays
Braddock Dogs Association, President

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Next Braddock Dogs Meeting

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the next Braddock Dogs meeting will be moved to Thursday, Dec 12th at 7:30pm in the Burke Centre Library Meeting Room 117W.


- Future fundraising activities, to include Braddock Nights 2014
- Current amount raised, we will try to get an update
- Writing a proposal for the Mastenbrook Grant  (this is the park grant that matches up to $10K)
- January 22nd Park Authority Board Meeting

I hope to see you there!

Erin Mays
Braddock Dogs Association, Presidentqq

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Braddock Dogs Meeting October 17th

The next Braddock Dogs meeting will be next Thursday, Oct 17th at 7:30pm in the Kings Park Library Conference Room.
- Future fundraising activities, to include Braddock Nights 2014
- Current amount raised, we will try to get an update
- Writing a proposal for the Mastenbrook Grant  (this is the park grant that matches up to $10K) - I would love experienced help!
January 22nd Park Authority Board Meeting

I would like to thank the individuals who helped out at Braddock Nights this year! We raised $156 while sitting around listening to music. This was for only 5 weeks of effort, so we hope in the future, we could double or tripple that amount and use the money to pay for new park features or maintenance!
I hope to see you a week from Thursday!
Erin Mays
Braddock Dogs Association, President

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Volunteer or Two this Fri @ Braddock Nights

I am looking for a volunteer or two who would be willing to vend ice cream, water, and soda at the Royal Lake Braddock Night this coming Friday, Aug 30th, from 7pm to 8:30pm. Proceeds will support the Monticello OLDA. All supplies will be provided. This effort earns Braddock Dogs an easy $20-$50 fundraised every Friday. If you are interested in listening to live music and selling ice cream to children, please let me know!
Erin Mays
Braddock Dogs Association, President

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's the latest from Braddock Dogs!

August Meeting.
There will be no monthly meeting in August, but please continue talking to your friends and neighbors to get their support for Braddock Dogs with a contribution to the Fairfax County Park Foundation.

September Meeting.
There will be a monthly Braddock Dog meeting in September, even though it is a very busy time with school just starting up again. We are so close to our Mastenbrook Grant goal that September will kick off the final push to hit the $10,000.00 milestone. So continue talking with friends and neighbors, and even complete strangers if they have a dog. The September meeting will be held September 19th at 7:30pm.

Fundraising Goal.
Speaking of our fundraising goals, at the last Braddock Dogs monthly meeting in July, Treasurer Eddie Murawski noted that Braddock Dogs had raised $9,000.00 of the $10,000.00 needed for a fully funded Masterbrook grant application. We are taking a break with August but fully intend to hit the trail again to raise the final $1,000.00 in the September/October timeframe so that we can submit the Mastenbrook grant application in the October/November timeframe. I just want to remind everyone that while the $10,000 milestone is a key milestone, we still will need to raise about another $ 2500.00 for miscellaneous items identified in our Memorandum of Agreement such as benches and signboards and or items we want to see in the OLDA such as canine area play equipment. Take a trip to the South Run OLDA to see what they have put in there.

Petitioning the Fairfax County Park Authority Board of Directors.
The importance of getting our grant application in is that it shows the Park Authority we have met their public/private partnership request and that we are ready to move forward with the development of Monticello Park, and specifically the OLDA. Hopefully, it will encourage them to move our effort forward ahead of those who are not ready. To that end, upon submission of our Mastenbrook Grant application, I anticipate appearing before the FCPA Board of Directors in January 2014 (January 22nd to be exact) to introduce Braddock Dogs to the Park Authority board, to make them aware that we have submitted a Matenbrook grant application, and to request accelerated OLDA development or interim dog park development. As per the meeting in front of the Planning Board back in April, I would appreciate your support – meaning your physical presence at the presentation - to let the board know that there is significant community interest and support in making this happen, and that we would like to see it happen sooner rather than later.

Braddock Dogs Now Fundraising At Braddock Nights.
Earlier this month, with support from the Braddock District Representative to the Park Authority Board, Braddock Dogs received permission from the Park Authority to be an authorized vendor selling pre-packaged water and ice cream at the Braddock Nights Summer Concert Series at Royal Lake Park to augment our fundraising efforts. All proceeds, after covering out of pocket costs, are being forwarded to the Fairfax County Park Foundation to be applied against our fundraising goal. I anticipate we will be a vendor during next summer’s concert series as well. Sales will provide a revenue stream to meet MOA ongoing requirements such as dog waste disposal bags, and additional OLDS park enhancements, such as the previously mentioned dog canine play equipment. If this occurs, we will not have to levy any dues upon association members. I also anticipate sharing some of our proceeds with Braddock Nights, and possibly being a sponsor. This season is almost over (only two more performances), but I anticipate we will need significant volunteer assistance next year. So, besides helping out Braddock Dogs, you also get to listen to a really great concert. What a deal! Never been to a Braddock Nights concert? Stop by Royal Lake Park this Friday night at 7:30PM. The concerts are free and last about an hour.

I need a volunteer to sell water, soda, and ice cream at the Royal Lake Braddock Nights next Friday, August 30th, since I will be out of town. If you are interested in helping out at the last Braddock Night of the season, please let me know so I can make sure you get everything you need. You should plan to set up around 7pm to catch people as they arrive.

Braddock District Representative to the Park Authority Board Contacting Civic Associations / HOAs For Fundraising Support.
Our Braddock District Representative, Tony Vellucci, has identified about 40 civic and homeowner associations in and around MonticelloPark and has asked them to contribute to the OLDA so that it truly reflects a district wide effort. Please contact your civic / community / homeowners association and ask that they make a donation to the Park Foundation for the OLDA. Contacted associations include:

Bonnie Brae Civic Association, Bradfield Homeowners Association, Briarwood Homes Association, Burke Centre Conservancy, Burke Centre Station Commons, Chatham Town HOA, Chatham Towne Homeowners Association, Chapel Ridge, Colony Park Community Association, Colony Park HOA, Country Club View Civic Association, Crownleigh Community Association, Dunleigh Homeowners Association, Glen Cove Community Assn, Glen Cove HOA, Greenfield HOA, Hillsdale Community Association, Kings Park Civic Association, Kings Park West Civic Association, Kings Park West Townhouses HOA, Kingsberry HOA, Lake Braddock Community Association, Lakepointe Community Council, Long Branch Civic Association, Middleridge Civic Association, New Lakepointe Townhomes HOA, Olde Forge/Surrey Square Civic Assn., Park West Community Association, Pines (Fairfax) Community Association, Queens Gate HOA, Red Fox Forest Civic Association, Reserve at Martins Pointe HOA TWC Mgmt., Rutherford Community Association, Sideburn Civic Association, Signal Hill HOA, Signal Hill Homes Association, Signal Hill Mews HOA, Stone Haven HOA, Southport HOA, Truro Homes Association, Twinbrook Community Assn., Village Park HOA, Willow Woods Civic Association,Woodbury Woods Community Association, Wood Glen Estates HOA, Woodlynne HOA,

Volunteer For Monthly Newsletters.
Lastly, I sure could use a volunteer to help me out with the newsletter. If you have about two hours or less a month, please consider helping out. You can email